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1) REVISITING: Spring (Vasantha)

The primary season, Spring, is concerning the act of revisiting. I referred to as it an antidote to abandonment. I’ve an estranged dating with my works, through which I don’t come again to them as soon as they’re completed, and I will be able to’t even take a look at them from time to time. I will be able to’t sit down with them or communicate to them both, however there’s all the time a way of birthday party and pleasure every time I do see them as a result of every one is a dwelling entity in itself.

Right here, in a cathartic second, we get to a spot the place the whole thing is overwhelming and all of it turns out to sink into the bottom; our protagonist sits with this heaviness. In my artwork, there are spiral patterns symbolic of time, and on this one, the stag symbolises shifting directly to the following season.

2) HIBERNATION: Summer time (Grishma)

Summer time is ready hibernation – lullabies and the arena of desires. As I relaxation, I check out to take in inspiration from a wide variety of items and areas round me. Goals play a significant function in my visible dictionary; I ceaselessly borrow from my desires, and numerous issues in my existence make sense to me on account of my desires.

The tapestry of vegetation within the symbol is a metaphor for a dream – branching and rising out of me. The protagonist is clay-like, earthy – buried underground like a seed. The community of mycelium grows throughout because the protagonist takes the whole thing in, hibernating. There isn’t a lot job, simply absorption – soaking within the atmosphere.

3) POSSESSION: Monsoon (Varsha)

Monsoon stands for ownership. Every now and then, I simply really feel just like the “blue one”. It’s an expansive sensation; I in point of fact really feel as though my whole identification will get dissolved, however then lightning moves and a channel of concepts – inspiration – pours thru me. I transform a vessel that holds this inspiration.
I’ve attempted to image our protagonist strolling from the summer time sleep into the ocean and laying down there. That is the instant when the protagonist is possessed.

4) THE DANCE: Early Autumn (Sarath)

Early Autumn’s dance is an extension of the ownership. It’s the act of making artwork. Ferocious moments settle into refined, sleek dance poses as concepts take shape. It’s a state of frenzy, a state of trance, however that’s simplest Early Autumn.

5) HOME: Past due Autumn (Hemantha)

Past due Autumn is ready coming house. I don’t assume that artworks are ever entire; you merely make a choice to desert them at some degree. You select to forestall running on them, however you do it when you’re feeling the time is true. In Past due Autumn, I soak up my whole universe of labor. All of it comes in combination, and the panorama seems like house.

6) PENANCE: Wintry weather (Sisira)

As soon as the act of introduction occurs, exhaustion takes over. There are questions, doubts, discomfort, and it feels just like the frosty winters – extraordinarily chilly and unforgiving. I’ve realised that the one option to make peace with that is to have a look at all the length as certainly one of penance – the level of pollination earlier than bloom – the place I’m really not forcing myself to devour issues and am as an alternative looking for silence in myself and my atmosphere. I might evaluate it to a protracted length of meditation. However Wintry weather could also be concerning the hope that I’m going to revisit the acquainted and transition into Spring.

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