trendy conflict: Name of Responsibility Warzone 2 would possibly get 4 Trendy Conflict 2 maps

A 2nd installment of Name of Responsibility: Warzone is purported to be below construction. Avid gamers and lovers have already gained a large number of details about this identify by means of leaks and rumours. The approaching Name of Responsibility: Warzone 2 will come with 4 maps from the older recreation Trendy Conflict 2, as in line with a document by way of IGN India. The document additionally mentions that those 4 maps will likely be expanded as POIs or Issues of Passion. The document doesn’t expose the overall names of the POIs however a few of them are anticipated to be part of the approaching recreation.
The 4 Trendy Conflict 2 maps
The primary map which is anticipated to be added to Name of Responsibility: Warzone 2 from Trendy Conflict 2 is Highrise. This map will likely be named ‘Trendy Town’ in Warzone 2 and is prone to come with tall and massive constructions with a city-style panorama. Subsequent, the approaching recreation may additionally get the Quarry map which will likely be added to the sport with its unique title. The 3rd map that can also be a POI within the upcoming recreation is the Afgan map. It’s going to be positioned against the centre of the sport map and will likely be named ‘Caves’. Finally, Warzone 2 will even get the Terminal map which can develop into the brand new ‘Airport’ within the upcoming identify..
All of the anticipated POIs in Warzone 2
The POIs within the recreation are anticipated to be — Oasis, Wartorn, Quarry (unique title Quarry), Oilfield, Trendy Town (unique title Highrise), Caves (unique title Afgan), Dam, Marshes, Harbour, Sira, Observatory, Mountain the city (assumed to be Fevela), Graveyard, Oldtown, Shipwreck, Fishtown, Fortress and Airport (unique title Terminal).
New Strongholds machine
The document additionally mentions {that a} new Strongholds machine has been added to the sport. Those strongholds will act as purchasing stations at the map which will likely be categorized consistent with their sizes and can also be unfold throughout all of the map.
The significance of strongholds
The strongholds unfold around the map cannot handiest act as purchasing stations however may also be captured by way of gamers. To intensify the contest, those strongholds will likely be guarded by way of AI fighters as the entire gamers at the server will likely be taking a look to seize a stronghold for themselves. Those in-game purchasing stations will even come with targets for gamers to finish to get a greater loadout.
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